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“The company story is the company strategy.”

Ben Horowitz
Partner and Co-founder, Andreessen Horowit

Things I do

Strategic Narrative

I help CEOs create and develop the right story. One that aligns the company, and powers success in sales and marketing.

Demand Generation

I help SaaS brands make demand generation their competitive advantage. My unique framework grows revenue, shortens sales cycles and lowers customer acquisition costs.

Predictable Revenue Stream

I help SaaS brands create predictable revenue streams so that they can make better hiring decisions and secure capital from investors.

Brand Building

I help SaaS brands create a remarkable end-to-end customer experience that delights and builds word-of-mouth opportunities.


I help SaaS brands define and execute their go-to-market strategy. Establishing the one thing they're great at, and then adding clarity to their communications, so that prospects buy.

Lead Generation

I help SaaS brands achieve lead velocity with their pipeline by crafting lead generation campaigns that drive significant ROI.

Selected Works


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Millions of miles

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VR and sinespace chat

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Meditation on mindbliss

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The athletic

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Some of the brands I’ve worked with…

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