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Marketing Mentorship


Tailored coaching from SaaS marketing leader, Danny Asling. Thrive in your next marketing role under the guidance of an experienced CMO.


I’ve made every mistake there is to make in marketing.

Everything from atrocious strategy to poor career choices to weak leadership. I’ve been there and have learned from my mistakes (most of the time).

The one thing I was missing early on in my career was a… MENTOR. Someone to guide me. Someone to run ideas past. Someone to help me avoid train wrecks.

It took me the best part of a decade to find my first mentor. As soon as I did, my marketing career took off. They cured my imposter syndrome and gave me the confidence to become a marketing leader.

Every marketer needs at least one great mentor in their lives.

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The Marketing Mentorship Programme

Who is it for?

This level of coaching is for marketers that are looking to make a career jump to a senior marketing role. If you’re currently a Marketing Manager and you’re looking to move into a Head of Marketing or a VP of Marketing role, then this is for you

How does it work?

A flexible mentorship programme that fits around your schedule. Danny will guide you through a mix of Zoom calls, live chat, and qualitative research. This process will put you on the right track to marketing success.

What’s included?

·Personal 1:1 mentorship from experienced SaaS CMO, Danny Asling.
·Guidance on strategy, how to manage leadership, and how to thrive in your marketing career.
·Bi-weekly Zoom calls (>30mins).
·Opportunity to share your marketing plans for feedback.
·Discounts at Danny’s marketing agency - SaaStrix.

How much is it?

Mentorship is provided on a monthly or annual subscription. There are no contracts and you can cancel at any time.

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Over 150+ senior marketers have accelerated their marketing careers with coaching from Danny Asling.

Ready To Thrive?

Secure your place on the marketing mentorship programme.

Questions? Email Danny directly or get in contact via LinkedIn.

About Danny Asling

Danny Asling is an established CMO for $100m+ global SaaS brands.
Regarded as one of the top marketing minds in the country, Danny helps businesses with brand building and marketing strategy.

He's also the co-founder of SaaStrix - the UK's leading B2B SaaS marketing agency.

A guest lecturer at Harvard Business School, Danny has travelled the world speaking as well as coaching marketing teams and start-up founders.

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