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Copywriting For Marketers

Learn how to write copy that inspires and drives action with the copywriting sprint for B2B marketers. Taught by SaaS marketing leader, Danny Asling.


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Not Taught on Marketing Degrees

Your words matter.

The words you use have the power to change minds, get buy-in for your ideas, and sell B2B software.

Words can turn interest into action.

Using words to inspire action is what we call copywriting.

Copywriting holds the power to change minds, change hearts, and change the world.

But we’re not taught copywriting on marketing degrees.

There’s no B2B marketing school that teaches this.

It’s a craft every marketer must learn.

And you can learn today.

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If It’s Worth Writing, It’s Worth Writing Effectively.

In this workshop, you will learn:

How to wield the power of words to inspire people to respond to your emails and click on your Linkedin ads.

How to motivate your audience to buy your books, take your course, or attend your event.

Why great copy is ethical, generous, and kind.

How to know if your copy is working (and avoid being ignored or marked as read).

What powerfully persuasive self-honouring copy looks like (and how to write it).

How to write in a way that makes you feel proud to have authored such powerful prose.

If you’re going to show up in someone’s inbox, you want to write words that are worth reading.

Learn how to write effective copy in a way that respects your readers, tells the truth, and helps you attract the people you seek to serve.

In this sprint, you’ll discover how to dramatically improve the results your words create.

Learn the principles and become the copywriter you want to be.
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Who Is The Course For?

This course is for marketers that want to learn how to use words to inspire action. Learn how to write effectively using empathy and generosity to attract the people you seek to serve. Note – this course does not teach you spelling and grammar.

How Does It Work?

The course is taught through the Teachable learning management platform. Upon enrolling, you’ll have access to the entire course on-demand. You learn at your own pace. There’s no compulsory live sessions or homework. You learn at your own pace and on your own time.

Who Teaches The Course?

This course is hosted by SaaS marketing leader, Danny Asling.

What’s The Format?

You can choose between text, video, or audio. All three are available for this sprint. Choose the format that suits your learning style.

Are There Discounts Available?

All members of The Marketing Crowd receive a 70% discount on all sprints. Sign up to the B2B marketing community here.

This course has been taken by marketers from leading tech brands

Ready To Write Better Copy?

Over 7,000+ marketing alumni are making a bigger impact with their copy.

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